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There is an assumption that small churches can’t serve families with children. While it’s true that a small church usually can’t compete with the programs and activities that larger churches can provide, there are some things about small churches that make ministry to families and children special.

We think there are three things that make small church ministry to families and children unique:

Yes, all that can happen at larger churches too, but there is always something special about the way a smaller church functions.

Our families must be more involved in designing the ministry that happens with children. That means that church ministry and family activities are often one and the same.

Unlike what can happen in larger churches, we don’t segregate the children as much. We believe that keeping the kids separated from the adults leads to children who never see themselves as part of the church. When they leave home for college, military, or jobs, they often drop out of church. One big reason is that were never part of the life of the church. We want our kids to experience church life while they are kids!

It means that moms and dads will have to do much of the ministry for the children at our church. The “church” won’t do anything that the parents won’t do.

It’s really all part of our idea that church is a community of people, living life together.