A community of redeemed sinners; Following Jesus Christ;   Proclaiming the gospel of grace; Loving our Lord and one another.



Lifegroups are a small group experience built around the S.H.A.R.E. concept. That’s an acronym that stands for:

We have Lifegroups that meet a various times during the week, and at different locations. We’ll be glad to provide information so you can choose the group that best meets your needs.

Lifegroups are the absolute best place to do naturally what God has called Christians to be and to do. Serving one another is less frightening because you’ve got a small, close group to serve. Everybody is on your side, so when you hurt, these are the people who can help you heal. Weekly discussion based around the Sunday morning sermon gets you into doing something about the lesson. Making friendships that are more than just superficial acquaintances happens easily in a small group setting. Finally, Lifegroups are an easy, relaxed, and non-threatening place to bring those who aren’t Christians but who want to find out about faith in Jesus Christ.

There’s always room for a few more in our Lifegroups. Join one today!

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