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All our children’s classes use The Bible Study Guide as the basic curriculum. Click the logo to the right and browse The Bible Study Guide’s web site for detailed information.

All classes study the same lesson, but on different age levels. Sunday and Wednesday classes follow each other, so the same curriculum works for both Sunday morning and Wednesday nights.

Children receive a thorough education in both Old and New Testaments, develop Bible study skills, and develop a great working knowledge of scripture.

Because all classes study the same lesson, it’s easier for parents to follow up with children of different ages. We encourage parents to keep up with where their kids are in the lessons.

The curriculum is a four year cycle through the Bible. Every four years, we start over. Your child, however, will be four years older, so the repetition of lessons happens at a different age, and studied at a different level.

What About Adult Classes?

Glad you asked! Our adult classes are usually deeper level exegetical studies of scripture. We often study through a book of the Bible. Occasionally we take up a topical study to view what the Bible teaches on a particular subject.

Additionally, our Mississippi Gulf Coast Bible Institute gives adults an opportunity to study college level courses. We are a satellite school of the Sunset International Bible Institute in Lubbock, TX.