A community of redeemed sinners; Following Jesus Christ;   Proclaiming the gospel of grace; Loving our Lord and one another.


Our History

The Rodenberg Church of Christ has served the Biloxi, Mississippi community for more than 50 years. Members are a combination of local civilians and military personnel, mostly Air Force enlisted and officers stationed at Keesler AFB.

Following hurricane Katrina, the Rodenberg congregation worked with relief agencies to provide food and clothing, cleaning supplies, and household goods for both members and local residents.  Teams of workers were housed in our building, and those teams helped to clean up, repair homes, and other projects.  Tons of supplies and food were distributed from our building.  Many people still acknowledge with gratitude, the help they received through our congregation.

Us today

You will find a vibrant, loving congregation dedicated to following Jesus Christ and proclaiming the gospel to people around us.

Dr. Bill Denton is our preaching minister.  Bill is serving his second tour with us, having preached here in the early 1980’s. Bill is also a Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor, and offers limited counseling services as a ministry of the church. He’s also one of our elders.

We offer Bible classes for all ages, men’s and women’s ministries, and a variety of opportunities to be involved.  Over the years, military personnel who were members at Rodenberg have gone all over the world and participated in missions where they were stationed.  Some former military retired in the Biloxi area and still worship with us.

Did you know?


We serve communion (or the Lord’s Supper) every week?


We choose to sing without musical instruments. It’s unique, beautiful, and every person gets to be in the church choir!


Sure we have some! But we try to respect everyone’s differences and religious backgrounds.


We’re not too big on formalities. Yes, we have an organized worship hour, but we’re pretty relaxed. Dress nicely but be comfortable.

Church Life Church Life Church Life Church Life




9:00 a.m. Bible Classes

10::00 a.m. Morning Assembly

6:00 p.m. Evening Assembly


6:30 p.m. Bible Classes


Men’s Breakfast every 2st Saturday

WINGS every 3rd Saturday

Game Night every 2nd Saturday

Church Dinner every 4th Sunday

Special Singing every 5th Sunday

Bill & Linda Denton

Bill serves as one of our elders and our preaching minister.